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Dog Swimming

Welcome to All Paws On Deck 
Marblehead's Only Luxury Pet Spa
Accredited by the American Kennel Club

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We understand the special bond you share with your four-legged friends; this friendship is an investment in love, and one that all of us here at All Paws On Deck LLC. are honored to share with you.  ​

The first time you enter our door, you also enter our lives; you and your pets are more than clients, you are family.  We are there for you when your new puppy arrives, we hold our breath when your fur baby goes in for surgery, and we mourn their loss with you at the end.  ​

All Paws On Deck LLC is the only Salon in the area to have been Certified S.A.F.E. by the American Kennel Club.  All of our groomers and assistants are trained in both First Aid and Certified Animal CPR Practitioners.  

We are honored to continue to receive The Reader’s Choice Award for Best Over All in Pet Services on the North Shore.  We have received this honor every year since we opened in 2018.

Kate Peever and her husband Bill founded All Paws on Deck during the summer of 2018, with the goal of providing exceptional quality services for pets and humans alike.  They were immediately welcomed by the pet community and recognized as a step above the average grooming salon.  All Paws on Deck offered a very different experience for Marblehead and Swampscott’s four-legged friends, an experience that pet owners were surprised and delighted to experience.  

Kate and Bill, designed the shop with the safety and comfort of our animals in mind; creating open spaces with giant comfy LLBean beds to replace the cold steel creates that most grooming salons offer.  They tested and purchased only the best shampoos and conditioners, from Igroom to the standard of quality Chris Christianson.   

Kate has been grooming for well over 15 years and has trained so many young groomers that Essex Technical Institute requested that she join their advisory board for pet care.  Despite her experience, Kate is driven to continue her knowledge base by consistently taking classes and entering grooming National Grooming Competitions all over the United States.  Kate believes in a whole-body approach to cat and dog coats, she utilities her incredible knowledge base to educate her clients, and encourages all of her clients to visit her friend Diane True at Worldy Pets who suggests and sells animal food specially designed for the breed, coat, and special needs of their four-legged friends. 

Kate is a certified Animal Esthetician, and grooms both cats and dogs with love and superior attention to detail.

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