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We understand the special bond you share with your four-legged friends; this friendship is an investment in love, and one that all of us here at All Paws On Deck LLC. are honored to share with you.  

The first time you enter our door, you also enter our lives; you and your pets are more than clients, you are family.  We are there for you when your new puppy arrives, we hold our breath when your fur baby goes in for surgery, and we mourn their loss with you at the end.  

Grooming cats and dogs for almost two decades, we serve our community with knowledge, love, and kindness.  

All Paws On Deck LLC is the only Salon in the area to have been Certified S.A.F.E. by the American Kennel Club and we continue to strive to serve our clients above and beyond what is required by the AKC.  All of our groomers and bathers are additionally Certified Animal CPR practitioners.  Kate has also recently been certified as an Animal Esthetician, a certification that only a handful of groomers in the country can boast.


Our Services

Full Grooming

This breed specific service, is tailored to your dogs individual needs, along with AKC breed standards.

The base price for this service is breed and need specific and does not include the optional spa experiences listed below.

The Bathing Experience 

Some of our friends do not require a full hair cut and simply a nice soothing bath and manicure.

The base price for this service is breed and need specific and does not include the optional spa experiences listed below.

Optional But Recommended Additions to your favorite furry friends
Basic Spa Experience 

Simply Spa Experience-18 

Pampered Spa Experience-26 


Our Pampered Package is the next level, including our upgraded shampoo and conditioner, and your choice of three additional a la cart services.

3-Step-Dental -8

Gland Expression -10

Keratin Protein Therapy -8

4-Step Paw and Nose Treatment. -7

Shed Reduction Treatment  15-25

Damaged Coat Treatment -12

Color Enhancement -5

Whitening Treatment -5

Charcoal Keratin Package -25

Deodorizing Treatment -18

Premium Product Upgrade -12

Muscle Mud Massage -35


Our simply spa can be an additional option to either the Full Grooming or Bathing Experience and includes an upgraded shampoo and conditioner, as well as one of our a la carte options such as our 3-Step-Dental treatment or our Signature Keratin Protein Therapy.



The Ultra Spa Experience -

The Package that separates All Paws On Deck, from the ordinary.  The ultimate and last word in comfort, the reason that your dog pulls you into our salon, and our most requested add on.  your favorite pal will wait for his or her turn in plush luxury, before being treated to our Ultra Premium Products and all of the additional services that he or she may require.  There is a reason that our clients continue to request that we add the ultra to their pets spa experience , as the results are breathtaking.  

A La Carte Menu of Services

All Paws On Deck Team 


Kate Peever
Pet Esthetician

Kate has been grooming for close to two decades.  Despite having won numerous awards for excellence Kate strongly believes that a professional never stops learning.


Both Kate and All Paws On Deck have been certified S.A.F.E. by the AKC; additionally Kate  recently completed her certification as an Animal Esthetician. 

.Kate is one of only a handful of groomers in the country certified as a Pet Aesthetician specializing in pet skin and hair therapy. While many grooming salons offer medical baths, only Certified Pet Aestheticians have gone through stringent training to knowledgably and safety treat skin conditions in conjunction with certified veterinarians.

Dylana Barilone
Bathing Manager

Dylana is our Golden Retriever Master Groomer  Dylana is a trouper, always willing to go the extra mile for a client.  Dylana's management style is very direct and hands on, making sure that All Paws on Deck is a tight ship.

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Christina Meuse
Grooming Manager

Christina is a creative groomer with over ten years of experience and has been certified by the AKC.  Christina takes care of all our clients paperwork and makes sure all of the pets in our care have vaccination records on file. 

Pet Stylists 



Kate leads her team of professional stylists with the moto that you never stop learning.  Her attention to detail is unmatched, and she is the reason that your pet drags you into the shop.



Christina and Kate worked together for years before Christina joined Kate within three months of opening All Paws On Deck.  Christina's well paced manner keeps both her pets and workmates on an even keel. 



Shannon is a spirited and standout groomer with a great deal of experience; her energy is almost as infectious as her love for animals.  All Paws On Deck is excited to Welcome Shannon to the family.


Spa Staff

Dylana Barilone 

Dylana leads her staff with grace, kindness, and unseen discipline.  She  makes certain that every single client's spa experience is perfect, from the products she recommends to the final brush out.  She is also known throughout Marblehead as the Golden Retriever Diva, having helped Kate create the perfect match of products and unapparelled technique. 



Karen is the hardest working, most enthusiastic person we have ever known, she always goes the extra mile for each and every client.  Karen is often behind the scenes in the spa room, learning under Dylana during the day and then training hard under Kate's wing in the evenings to become a stylist.