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We understand the special bond you have with your four legged friend. Get the finest care for your dog. Our groomers never use sedatives, just skill and patience. We clean and sanitize kennels, equipment and floors on a daily basis. Call us at 781-631-2275 to get exceptional grooming services for your furry friend.

With over 25 years of combined experience, we specialize in breed specific cuts, hand scissoring, and show grooming. Our team attends yearly pet grooming conventions across the country to maintain and expand our knowledge and skill base to provide our clients with the very best service. Relax knowing your pet is safe and happy under our care; CPR and Safety certified and registered with the National Dog Grooming Association.

Kate - Owner

Kate Peever founded locally owned All Paws on Deck in 2018, with the goal of providing exceptional quality services for pets and humans alike.


Focusing on continuing education through NDGAA, she is consistently taking classes for the  National Certified Master Groomer program.  She enjoys serving her clients and instructing fellow groomers, allowing the pets’ best qualities of beauty, health, and nutrition to shine through.  Kate believes in a whole-body approach to cat and dog coats, she utilities her incredible knowledge base to educate her clients and encourages then to provide diets specially designed for the breed of their four-legged friend. 

Kate grooms both cats and dogs

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Christina- Groomer

Christina joined All Paws on Deck with Kate in 2018

Christina is the traveler of the team, attending workshops, seminars, and competitions to help further her education and stay abreast of new products and grooming trends from top leaders in the industry.  Christina sets high quality ambitious goals for herself and never fails to accomplish them all with style. 

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Areas Of Service

Meeting All of Your Needs

Cat Grooming

Do you want to know my secret?  Respect

Your feline will look (and feel!) like the cat’s meow after a good grooming session. 

By nature, cats are extremely fastidious. You’ve no doubt watched your kitty washing herself several times a day. For the most part she can take care of herself very well, thank you, but sometimes she’ll need a little help from a professional like us.

We go the extra mile with these proud majestic creatures, but the secret of our success is that we truly love and respect our feline friends.  Cats are not natural water lovers, but with the right touch, occasional nose kiss and sense of security, our cats often love the very pampering experience. Come talk to us about your friend’s unique needs.

Dog Grooming

It Is All About Attention to Detail

Keep your best friend looking his or her best with a full menu of standard services from All Paws On Deck. From baths to nail care, we do it all.

Our Standard Care is Comprehensive

  • Nails trimmed

  • Ears cleaned and plucked

  • Sanitary area trimmed

  • Anal glands expressed

  • Bathing

  • Hand drying

  • Brushing

Bath Services Include Trimming Choices:

When you have your pet bathed at All Paws On Deck, you not only get all the services already listed, but you can choose a partial or full trim, too.

For shorthaired dogs, we provide a simple cleanup between haircuts, which tidies up the face, feet, and fanny areas. (partial groom)

A full trim includes bath services and haircutting of the entire body, all done to the length and style you specify. (full groom)

You Can Customize Your Pet's Experience As Well!

Go beyond the standard pet bath-and-trim service with customized care that targets specific issues for you and your pet.

  • Medicated bath.

  • Flea bath.

  • Teeth brushing.

  • Nail filing.

  • Soft Paws© nail caps for cats.

  • Our clean breath treatment.

We also offer K9 Advantix applications after grooming.

Flea & Tick Therapy

Expert Service

We also offer K9 Advantix applications after grooming, as well as more natural essential oil based therapy's for ticks and mosquitos.

There has been a rise in reported flea infestations of indoor animals nationwide, and specifically in the New England area, as a result we are offering a variety of preventative and therapeutic flea services.  Don’t be afraid to ask us all about how we can help you; as always we will keep your information private and confidential.  

Nail Trims

Walk in Service

Feel free to pop in anytime for us to take care of those nails, we are here for you and your best friends, any day of the week.

Emergency Skunk Treatment

24/7  On Call Service

CALL 781-479-9544

Our clients enjoy a unique service.  24/7 Skunk Protection

Our Signature De-Skunk Treatment Fee for the treatment is $32.00



During Regular Business Hours -- Base Bath Price of Animal + $32.00

Holidays and Days the Salon is Closed -- Double Base Bath Price of Animal + $32.00

Service is completed and dog picked up between closing and 9:00pm. --Base Bath Price of Animal and Treatment Fee + $45.00

Service is completed and dog picked up between 9:00 and 11:00pm – Base Bath Price of the Animal and Treatment Fee + $65.00

Service is completed and dog picked up between 11:00pm and 1 am – Base Bath Price of the Animal and Treatment Fee + $115.00

Service is completed and dog picked up between 1:00am till 6:00am -- Base Bath Price of the Animal  and Treatment Fee+ $175.00

Please bring all rabbis paperwork with you to this appointment!  This is time sensitive and we will not be able to log into the computer and get this information. 

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