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All Paws On Deck 

All Paws On Deck understands that every individual pet is different with unique and special needs all their own; with this in mind Bill and Kate researched and purchased  range of over forty different products each designed to support a different need.  We sit down with each new client to fully understand your pet's coat, diet, and history so that we can recommend the perfect package.  

What We Do

Every dog who enters our shop is given the royal treatment; it has always been our ultimate goal for every dog to pull you into the Salon for their Spa Day.

Every pet is unique and because of this their experience will also be unique - that often takes time, and special attention to specific details.

Often time you will see our staff completely soaked from head to toe.  Our clients joke asked who gave who a bath, we smile knowing that sometimes we do have to take a bath with them to make sure that they are fully clean, and comfortable. 


The Spa Experience

Our Breed and Coat Specific Packages are what separate All Paws On Deck, from the ordinary neighborhood Salon. 

We offer the ultimate and last word in comfort, the reason that your dog pulls you into our salon; your favorite pal will wait for his or her turn in plush luxury, before being treated to our Ultra Premium Products and all of the additional services that he or she may require.

Our results are breathtaking, and as you will see not only a cut above other local salons but set the bar for excellence. 

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