Kate has been making my buddy look his sharpest since he was a puppy. My buddy is 10 years old now and we cant thank her enough for the excellent work she has done over the years. She is very caring and loving towards our companion which is very important to us. She is not just his groomer, she also a huge part of his life. We are extremely excited about the new place. Our first visit yesterday was an awesome experience. It was no surprise to us because we know she is such a great person. People will always take their great qualities with them no matter where they go and we are always honored to be loyal customer. Congratulations on the new place from Isaac, Michelle, Lunna and Milo 

Jan Blais

Petey loves to see Katie. She always does a great job. I have never been unhappy. Katie has been grooming Petey for at least 9 + years. I was so pleased to have found her new location in Marblehead. Petey is looking forward to his next visit

Cheri Norris

Kate has been grooming our Buddy for about 8 years now. Our Buddy is a very anxious dog but with Kate’s patience he got used to his grooming. If we tell him he’s going to see Miss Kate he gets all excited, he loves her and so do we. She has so much compassion for what she does and she truly cares about every pet that walks into her salon.

Leah Rosenbaum

All Paws on Deck is the *only* place I will bring my 105lb big-n-fluffy dog, Bowie. I've been taking Bowie to see Kate for 2+ years and there is no one I trust more. She took amazing care of him when he was sick with skin infections for months. She and her husband proactively researched alternative solutions to ease his discomfort and help him heal. It's obvious in every detail how much she and her team care about each pet's well being and appearance.

Donna Letourneau

Kate has been grooming my dog and cats for 10+ years. She is very highly skilled, caring and compassionate. You can tell she genuinely cares and is always willing to go above and beyond to help in emergency situations.

Patty Brandenburg

Kate is an outstanding person!! I know this for a fact that Kate is the ONLY one that I would ever take my 5 pound yorkie Teddy Bear Brandenburg to be groomed. The passion she has for all her furry babies, is amazing!  
Each and every time i pick Teddy Bear up he looks so cute and awesome, I can tell he was with someone who he loves and she loves him right back. Thank you Kate you are the very Best!!!
Love you ,
Patty Brandenburg ... and Teddy too.

Kim Horan Rose

CANNOT say enough about Kate and team! Charlie has had great grooming experiences but today about 8 hours after grooming he was sprayed by a skunk! Kate met me at midnight at the salon to take care of him......no words. I’m so grateful. Thank you!!

Jessica LaCroix Hall

My dog was sprayed by a skunk a few weeks back and our groomer was not available. A friend suggested this place and they were amazing. They were able squeeze him in even though they were booked. They did a wonderful job and they were soooo good to my dog. He usually comes out of the groomers sad and off. He came out for his grooming as happy as could be. The owner was professional, kind and so good to my dog. We will now be going to them exclusively!

Sandra Perry

We had a wonderful experience today with Katie! My seven year old feline, Buzz was relaxed and enjoyed his spa session. He looks and smells wonderful. Thank you, Katie 

My puppy Chloe was sprayed by a skunk early this morning. I had never had a dog sprayed before and of course didn't have any of the recommended remedies on hand. So I went to face book and found a friend of mine just went through the same thing hours earlier and she called all paws on deck. Well I did the same and it saved me. Kate was awesome and Chloe smelled great. The house, ah still working on that. New client for grooming now too.

James Cohen

Our pups look awesome. We just arrived home from vacation and our heating system puffed back soot (unnoticed by our overnight sitter) and the pups had a bit of a sooty tinge. Christine cleaned them up like nothing had happened.

Jonathan Hatch

They are an amazing place, to
Bring your pet they make you feel like your part of the family. They treat every pet as if it was their own. Also take time to explain everything that needs to be done and the costs. Would
Give them a four paw recondition

Kate is awesome! We have an agressive Yorkie that likes to bully her groomers. Kate was nice enough to take her on about 5 years ago. She does a wonderful job with her and can handle her "tantrums". I highly recommend Kate.