We all Want to Protect our Best Friends From Flea and Ticks--But What About The Link To Cancer?

Conventional flea and tick products are really just chemical pesticides

The Center for Public Integrity found that from 2002 through 2007 at least 1,600 pet deaths from pyrethroid spot-on treatments were reported to the EPA. That’s nearly double the number of reported fatalities linked to flea and tick products without pyrethroids. Pyrethroid spot-on products accounted for more than half of the major pesticide pet reactions, including brain damage, heart attacks and seizures.

Lab tests have shown that with long-term exposure at low doses, fipronil has the potential to cause:

  • nervous system and thyroid toxicity

  • thyroid cancer

  • altered thyroid hormone levels

  • liver toxicity

  • kidney damage

  • convulsions

  • loss of hair at or beyond the point of application


When exposed to light, fipronil breaks down into a molecule called fipronil-desulfinyl which, according to the EPA, is ten times more toxic than the fipronil itself. This means you don’t want to put the plastic vials of fipronil products in the sun, don’t let your dog bake in the sun after application and avoid the sun for short-haired dogs using fipronil products.

All in all very scary!

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